the one with our vibrant Pirate Community

We have such a vibrant community here in our Pirate Nation. We love our football. We love our TT Red Raiders, and we love each other. We really do. We rally around others in need and lift them up any way we know how. With prayer, with support, sometimes, even literally, such as when they score, when they do something amazing. When they make us proud. We've had a lot to be proud of lately!

Something I read today...

In each and every place and in every time, Jesus invites us to live the faith in more personal and intimate ways, through a vibrant and active community.

I love this!

We always think about "going to church and listening to God", but it's so much more then that. Being present and authentic in our community. Getting involved, and staying that way. That's what it's really about. Church is important. Don't get me wrong. But the body of Christ exists everywhere, not just in church. So, go get out there! Be vibrant! (like my shade of lipstick in that pretty picture above! LOL)

I'll share with you a fear. I have many, mind you. So so many. I fear what people think when I'm hanging out on campus. I don't work there. I'm not teaching, coaching, nor even cleaning the floors I don't have kids there anymore. They are both at college. So, sometimes I fear that folks are whispering..."why is she here?" I whisper it myself sometimes. Why are you going to the game? Heck, Devin, the hubs doesn't exactly whisper it! Why do you wanna go?

Read it again. THROUGH A VIBRANT AND ACTIVE COMMUNITY, He invites us to live the faith! He wants us to be together, getting involved and being VIBRANT! So, screw the fear in my head and the whispering that is NOT even happening, and push through and go be vibrant! Vibrant like that NEON RED LIPSTICK! LOL

Taylor above left, was my tag along for the night. She graduated last year and I fondly refer to her as "Taycon". Summer Zoe and Taycon are very good friends, so therefore Taycon is mine as well. Girl did pretty dang good shooting, too. I was impressed! And I think she got a feel for why I like to do this. Photograph games. It gives you a different perspective to the game. You are CLOSE UP with all the action. Everything that's going on. Heck. You can totally SMELL everything that's going on as well! LOL Now, don't get me wrong! The stands are fun as well, I've been told. (and definitely a part of our vibrant community...) But I love the sideline seats I have at every game. (Thank you, Coach Kat.) Standing room only, I'm afraid, but it works. It definitely works.How cute are these two?!?! They are pro's at this Homecoming stuff by now. All dressed up and ready for their jobs in crowning the court. It's so exciting! And dressed so spiffy!

And a big favorite of mine, as far as homecoming goes, is seeing all the alumni attend! So many girls come all dressed up! I love it! Cooper crowned Miss Keely Ehlers Homecoming Queen!!!! When they said her name, she had tears in her eyes, but she was just so happy! And I loved how you could feel Riley, fellow candidate and BFF immediately get joyful for her friend! She came in for hugs pretty quickly! Mom and Dad as well! I myself, couldn't quit smiling! Just so fun to watch!

Lendi just crawled right up in that "mario kart"! You gotta love a momma that knows how to pose for a good picture! Such a great moment! I made sure to get photographs of each girl by herself in her gorgeous gown! Cooper girls sure know how to glam it up!Keely, you are adorable! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! May you never lose that smile!!!! This is my neighbor! Okay, so we aren't neighbors anymore, but I first met Miss Alexa 6 years ago when we moved into Saddleclub. Such a sweetie! And now, she's SOOOOOOOO much taller!!! LOL She's a trainer for the Freshmen team, I think. I'm so glad you took a picture with me Alexa! Thank you!!! Next game too, as well. Deal? We will make it a new sideline tradition.See! Alumni's are LOVED. This little guy is quickly becoming my favorite photography subject. Too cool, Mister. And he's great at celebrating with that flag! Half time rolled around and I was tired. I'll admit it. NOT ONE BAND PHOTO. I'm mad now that I've looked through them. UGH!!! But it felt so good to sit on the ground for a while and just be. Kenda and I grabbed some shots of Mayci and Kellyn and we may or may not have sent a few texts to a few mommas in the stands. But next game I'll get up and shoot that Pirate Pride Band of ours! What do you folks think of the intro to their 1/2 time show? Very Lord of the Rings right now. Very. Kind of creepy really. But they still ROCK!Taycon's. Way to go!!!Taycon's shot above.Taycon's.Taycon's.


Cooper won the game, of course. And it was such an exciting game! Those Caprock boys had some big boys. LIKE BIG. And they passed the ball a lot. So, it was fun to watch, fun to shoot, fun to hang out in our VIBRANT community. Anyone else not feeling like they always belong? Anyone else letting fear creep in and stopping them from enjoying life? Let me know. Share your feelings and HELLO! Come find me at the next Pirate game and we'll take a selfie.

Love does,


PS As always, more images on the Cooper Gallery,