the one with LCHS Homecoming Pep Rally 2014

I'm heading out the door, but wanted to quickly get these photos blogged. HELLO! Cooper Homecoming!

It's now Saturday morning and I've had the chance to sip a cup of coffee and warm up after last night's game. I'm working on THE QUEEN photos, (Keely Ehlers) but wanted to add my thoughts and words to this post from yesterday. I mean, let's face it, I blog for me mostly. It's my online photo journal. I love having it and need to keep it up! So here I am Saturday morning, adding my thoughts. Bear with me folks.

First of all, remember to go to to view more Pirate Photos. It's where the Pirate Photos live. I'll post every event there and you are welcome to order prints, download files, share them, etc. But they won't live there forever. It just can't happen. So, if you see a photo you want, ACT RIGHT AWAY and order, download and share. PLEASE. That way, I can save server space and keep on shooting.

Which I love!

Okay, let's blog this pep rally!

The shot above is one of my favorite traditions at Cooper. My sweet, adorable cousin, Mayci Marie and her jumping bean legs. We've done this a few times. Last Homecoming for example, click here to see and example of her previous jumps. And I'm sure if you put some time into researching my blog, you'll find a few more. LOVE IT! Let's keep doing this Mayci, every time you are cheering and I'm there, DEAL?

Now onto the pep rally!

Whenever I'm shooting and event, and my kids aren't there, I like to get an overall feel for the viewer of what is happening. Usually this involves a wide angle shot and plenty of details. Yesterday, at the morning pep rally, remember I type MORNING, I didn't do a very good job of brining the viewer into the scene. So, please bear with me. I have only one more pep rally to photograph before the year is over. HELLO! And maybe I'll be more awake. So, my words will help this time.

I look for people in the crowd that stand out and give the viewer a feel for the scene. For example, people that aren't afraid to "let it loose" and enjoy the day! I love band kids for this reason. They FEEL the beat and just go with the flow! Like these two below enjoying the moment. LOVE!

The pep rally had a circus theme going. Organizations has floats and balloons and big displays of popcorn! Very cute and colorful and despite no elephants, we did have a few clowns. LOLAnd let's just take a moment to talk about these Cooper Pirate Cheerleaders! Just wow! When they did their dance and jumping thing? HELLO! It's totally amped up the mood in the room! Those girls were FLYING all over the floor! LOVED watching them and they just impress me each and every time!


Another cool thing in our Pirate Nation, is the families that come out and support our kids. Like this little one below. Too cute! She was holding her football and gazing wide eyed at all the cheerleaders!Each organization nominates a candidate for Homecoming Queen. I love this about Cooper. The candidates are seniors and then the school votes from all of these. The candidates with the most votes are then chosen for the TOP FIVE. From there, before the kickoff of the football game, they announce the Queen. I like how each organization gets represented and we get to see some of high school like and what the kids are interested in.

PLUS, when the announce each candidate, we get a pretty awesome fashion show. HELLO! Pretty dress, cute shoes and lots of pretty hair!I'm not in highschool. Not even close at this point in my life, but my vote? The girl above, top right. Payton played ball with my girls and I've had her in my home several times over the years, spent time photographing her on the sideline of ball games, and she's such a gorgeous goof ball! I just love her to pieces and add to the fact that her escort is Fuzz. He's a Jones Boy that I've watched grow up into a pretty kick ass human being. I vote THEM. And if I could choose body parts to have as my own, keep scrolling for "pony legs" below. She's in the red dress and they just go and go and go! All our Cooper kids? LOVE! Yep. I'm a sucker for a Cooper Kid.Okay, the twins above right? The Ehler's kids. How adorable is that shot above? Keely was nominated from Boys Athletics, and it's only fitting that her bro, Kolton, escorted her. It's been a great year so far for the Ehler's family! I've been photographing these two for YEARS and their big Bro, Brennan. Momma Lendi is sidelines with her camera as well, so yep. I'm not gonna lie. LOVE this family!!! And so cool that someone's flash went off at the exact time I snapped my shot. Happy Accident and then the lens flare? Looks like bubbles which totally works for a circus theme, no? Wasn't there a scene in Dumbo with bubbles?

Morgan Strawn, below right, is my runner up for leg choice if I can nab them. Check out those muscles?!?! Years of jumping and cheering and have definitely paid off. Girl? You look GREAT!'s some more pretty legs. I didn't see a ton of mums. Kind of nice to have it scaled down to wear you can actually see the kid that is wearing the mum. I enjoyed this one on a football player. Texas is known for everything big and we've never disappointed. I have several in my house from my girls going to high school. But this year? I didn't see a ton. And those I did see? Nicely done.There's Miss Morgan doing her thang! You are an AWESOME cheerleader, Mo! I know I told you that last night, but I mean it. Always smiling and giving your all! Don't ever lose that! It will serve you well in life.If I remember right, this is the winning float below. My vote was for the clowns and FFA float. Very cute! But all were nicely done and it's such a cool thing they've done through the years at Cooper. Here's the clown car! They just kept coming and coming. LOLMore fun souls getting their "grooves" on!Here's all our beauties!!! Hello, pretty girls and pretty legs!!! And her's my Queen below with her family, minus Miss Avery. You will see Payton quite a few times in the future on my blog. HELLO! Lady Pirate Basketball is just around the corner!!!And when alumni show up at Good Old Cooper High, I have to photograph them!!! Below right are just a few from last year. Thank you girls for coming and supporting your Pirates! I love that!!!!

Until next time...