the one where the Pirates played Monahans


It's Sunday as I post this. YES. There was a football game on Friday. Our mighty pirates played Monohans and WON. HELLO! WON! And I have tons of great photos to show you over on the Pirate Gallery. You just to to Did you get that?

I'm enjoying hanging out at Good Ole' Cooper High. For some reason, with Kalyn and Summer away at college, it makes me feel closer to them. I'm not completely sure why, except for the fact, that I spent so much time with them in the last 6 years there. Don't get me wrong, I still miss them terribly, but being on campus helps. That and shooting some football!



We've had so much rain lately. And don't get me wrong, I love the rain, but this view above? The LCP flag and a bright blue sky? AWESOME! Oh, and check out below! That's my sign!!! It turned out AWESOME! LOVE IT!I always try and arrive a few minutes before the game starts. To take advantage of that last gleam of pretty lighting AND get all the PIRATE fans. Even the wee ones.This time I stayed on the visitors side for quite a bit. You have to fight the sidelines on their side and it never fails, you take more images of a coach's bum then anything. It's great for getting close ups of the guys on the sidelines, which I love, but it's so important to catch these boys in action. Those are the images that they guys LOVE.Batman shows up at every game. See? Told you.And then, HALEY!!! I was so excited!!! I've missed these girls so much! Yes, Haley's been at school, but even giving Sarah and Miss Gregory a hug felt sooooo good! So so good. These faces make me feel closer to Summer! The boys pulled out a win and believe it or not, I'm getting better and better at this photography sportsball thing.

Sportsball is not a term I invented. My good friend Kim did. LOVE it though!

Until next week, Cooper, LOVE DOES!