the one with a beautiful bride

I have so many pictures to show you. So many! I had 2 weddings this past weekend and 6 sessions in 2 days. I'm sitting on the couch with my feet up and thinking, I have so many pictures to show you! Every time I edit one I feel lucky. INTENSELY lucky. And then I wonder, OK. Do I blog it? DO I share it on facebook? Wait. Instagram. That's what I will do. And then I think, I should stop all of it and just go back to my blog. I love my blog. It's where I share my visual world. What I'm thinking. What I'm excited about.

I'm excited about this bride above. I wanted to share an image from her "before". She arrived a mere 45 minutes before her ceremony. It was a rushed moment, as most moments before a wedding are, and her bridesmaids, her friends since childhood, were all around her and fussing with her veil. The camera caught her in just an instant. Before she was married, that second of breathe releasing from her lips. So, many emotions during a wedding day!