the one where I knock over the Pirate

See our mascot there? Working the crowd at the Pep Rally? Well, I totally tripped her today. As in BAM, hit the floor thank you, 'mam. Yep. If you were there and saw the mascot, Pete the Pirate spawned out on the floor after a massive feet over head roller, now you know why. You see, it was the "black out" pep rally. They turn the lights out. I knew this. The mascot knew this. So, I moved back when she came by me the first time and missed me. I thought the extra space would help. 15 seconds later...BAM. I felt horrible. I'm sure she felt horrible. For different reasons. Pain. She got up though and finished the rally and I hope, even forgave me. See her here? Doing her thing? These kids were PUMPED! The cheerleaders did an AWESOME job! Totally impressed me and I'm sure everyone there! LOVED seeing them come across that matt, on fire and pumped up and ready to fly! They only have 3 pep rally's total this year, so I'm hoping to get better shots when the lights are on. LOL Plus, after almost taking out the mascot, I was a bit dazzled and it took me just a bit to regain my shooting composure.

Love Does,