the one where I talk about my fitbit

Have you heard of these? I've been wearing one for about a month now. And I'm loving it! Seriously I am. It's like a little bit of accountability in my life, right there. Sitting on my wrist. And the bright color is cheery and inviting. Don't you think? I've been seeing these "rubber bracelets" on folks and wondered about them. I mean, I have an iPhone and use aps to track my walks, such as Map My Walk or My Fitness Pal. And I've used those a bit, but they never stuck completely. Not sure why, and I'm not saying this fitbit is going to stick in my routine for a while. But they say if you do anything for 30 days, it becomes a habit. So, I plan on wearing it and walking every day for 30 days. Maybe then it will be a habit and I'll stay fit. Right? Isn't that the point?

My sister and me decided to give my dad one for his birthday. And when I ordered it, I decided to throw an extra one in my shopping cart. His is the blue one above. I'm so glad I did this! My sister did the same thing so she now has one as well. Both of them, my dad and sister, are my fitbit friends and are KICKING MY BUTT EVERY DAY! You see, you can add friends to your fitbit profile and track each other's progress. It's pretty cool and nerve wracking all at the same time. Gosh! But it's motivating me to move each day. And this is a good thing! Did you know that exercising each day helps reduce the risk of getting cancer? And it helps thwart colon cancer from returning. Hello! I'm all over that. Good Lord knows I don't need a bad ass reoccurrence.

Oh, and eating fish as well. That helps. I wish someone would do a study where chocolate is proven to reduce your risk of something. Now that would be ultra cool.

Kanga has benefitted from my walks.

I've included a few screen shots from the ap as well. If anyone reading this uses a fitbit, please let me know and I'll add you as a friend.

Love does,