the one where Summer goes to TCU

After we moved Kalyn to UT, we turned around and moved Summer into TCU. We are just moving pros at this point! She's rooming with Brittany Hays, my BFF's sister. I'm so dang excited! This means road trips to TCU all the time! HELLO! Their room turned out super cute and overall the experience wasn't too awful. At least not until the end of mass on Sunday and then all we heard in the car was sniffles. Saying goodbye is never easy. NEVER. And now that all my babies are at college, I'm finding myself in a new era. Alone at home. Hmmm...

Summer and Brittany both rushed at TCU. Summer made Alpha Delta Pi and Brittany, Sigma Kappa. It was a BRUTAL week of walking in the heat nd just dealing with the stress of rush. I'm happy to say both made it out alive! We plan on going back in a few week to watch some football in that swanky stadium of theirs. I'll keep you posted.

Love does,