the one where we move Kalyn to UT

We moved Kalyn back to Austin the Sunday after Janae got married. Wow! I still need to blog her wedding pictures! And HELLO! That was one pretty bride! I'll get to that soon enough, but first, I have to tell you that the VW Bug broke down on the way to Austin. Yep. We first bought her in Austin, several years back, when Kalyn was just a wee child. LOL We've had her almost 6 years. Not Kalyn, the bug. And we had her loaded down and the Honda Pilot when we made our way to Austin. We were tired from partying working the night before, so we were a tad bit cranky. You know how it is. Whiney and cranky and just whiny. Did I mention we were whiny? Anyway, this side of Coleman, the VW bug, decided to "give up the ghost and go no more. Yep. She was done. Toast. Finished. We pulled her to the side of the road and proceeded to bitch at each other. WE did that really well for a while until we figured out what to do. Devin drove around looking for a UHaul Trailer but there was none to be found on a Sunday is a small town. So... we threw all of Kalyn's stuff into the Pilot and and we managed to get ALL OF US IN IT AND DROVE THE REST OF THE WAY TO AUSTIN. WHEW! I mea it. I sat on the console between Devin and Summer in the front seat and Kalyn sat on the back seat spot holding a lamp shade on her head so it wouldn't get messed up. LOL After a couple of miles we got the giggles, which didn't make Devin too happy, but gosh! We girls laughed and laughed! I mean, what else could we do? Life is meant to be funny, no?

Love does,