the one where we go to Idalou for some Football #fridaynightlights

Two of us still have kids at Cooper. I'm not one of them. I know, HIGH SCHOOL HERO, remember? But can you be a HIGH SCHOOL HERO if you are 40+? I think not. That's my argument anyway. Tell it to the judge. I'm horrible at night time photography under football lights. I just am. I can get a good one every now and then, but I really need a sports camera and a lens. Really I do. But it's kind of a challenge of sorts. To be in the right place and anticipate the right thing to get a good shot. I get lucky once in a while. But it's dang hard! It truly is! So, enjoy this sneak peek, knowing that my football ninja skills will improve over time. And if you see me at the next football game, let's take a selfie! Deal? Oh, don't forget...more photos at

Love does, Kristin