the one with those Idalou kids


This will seem like an incredible amount of images to share in a "sneak peek". And this is coming from me. The QUEEN of fat blog posts! I love images! But these three are all graduating this year from Idalou, so it's really like 3 sneak peek, rolled into one. Two are siblings and they are graduating with their cousins. And because all 3 are pretty much attached at the hip, I just had to photograph them together.

We go way back. The Craig's and McGehee's are people you wanna know. I've watched these kids grow up and have played with them, prayed for them, enjoyed them. I would welcome them into my home in the middle of the night and treat them as I would my own. They are those kind of kids and their moms and dads are those kind of people.

We used to all go to Cooper. And they were a HUGE influence on me when we decided where to place our baby girls many moons ago. And then slowly, one by one, days went by and people move on. They now all currently go to Idalou and I've happy for them, but must admit to being very sad at first that they were not at our school.

But over time, I've gotten used to it and now I love the first game of our seasons and how our paths interact. We are playing Idalou tonight in football and since I hadn't shared their sneak peek yet, this is perfect.

And because they have plenty of baby sisters and brothers between them, I'll be photographing more Wildcats in the future. Good luck with your senior year, Price, Sydney and Chandler.

Much love and best wishes, ALWAYS.