the one with the really BIG blog post about Lubbock Cooper

A year ago I was on a couch, struggling to move and go about my day. Today? Let's see, I woke up, worked in my office. Walked a mile, swam and jumped around, (for more steps on my fitbit...more on that later) and then came inside and cooked. A year ago, everyone had to bring me food because cooking made me puke. Or I didn't have the energy to get up and stand there and cook. Oh, it wasn't completely awful, but it was close. Just not fun. This year? This year is fun. Majorly fun! Not even kidding. WATCH OUT WORLD, I'm back and ready to roll! I'm very proud to announce the LUBBOCK COOPER GALLERY. ( A home for all things I shoot and cover for the Pirate Nation to live. And live well I might add. Here's some details to help you along.

  • The gallery is smart phone and tablet ready. Woo Hoo! You can view, download web size files AND share the gallery with people you love.
  • You can order prints or large size files from the gallery as well. Simply click an image you love and then click the little shopping cart. There's some options in the drop down window.
  • All prints will be shipped via USPS (post office) in 2 weeks. Digital files hostgator coupon are available immediately.
  • Galleries might expire, so, please be aware of that. Right now, I'm leaving things up for a while, you know until everyone gets their feet wet and used to the place. But if the expense of hosting 1000's of Pirate photos gets too expensive, I'll have to expire each gallery after a few weeks. Don't worry, you will be notified.
  • If you think you like a few of the images and want them forever, don't hesitate! Go ahead Digital Friks godaddy reviews and download or purchase right away. This is the one time with spontaneous buying pays off.

Okay, next subject. I was talking to a few folks at the scrimmage last night and the term "high school hero" came up. Ever heard someone use that? I've heard my kids use it, but this was the first time someone other then my kids said those words. I personally don't get bad feelings from those words. After all, high school hero sounds good. Like the cute guy in the hall who carries your books. Or the cute guy that helps you find your way that first day of school, you know, just CUTE GUYS in general. ha...apparently my heroes were cute guys! LOL But after being explained to me by my "oh, we ARE smarter then you" child, it's not a good thing. WHAT? It basically means, someone who hangs on to high school dreams and lives like they are still in high school. insert blinking blank stare emoticon. Ahhh...I see now. But I'd like to put my own spin on it and rephrase the term. Instead of high school hero, what about HOMETOWN HERO? My two have graduated and I couldn't stay away last night. Cooper is home to me. When a football kid texted me to say there was a scrimmage at home Friday night, I found myself driving there. I just couldn't stay away. It's where my babies grew up and met some incredible teachers, administrators, and forged deep bonds and friendships in the classroom and the court. Cooper will always hold a special place in our hearts. So, maybe a new phrase is needed when I photograph and blog some of my favorite Cooper peeps, both currently walking the halls of Dear Old Cooper High and those that aren't. Those that take the time to come back and share their lives and time with the Pirate Nation shall forever be called, Hometown Heroes. Check thI photographed a few last night. Keep scrolling to spot a few. Love does, Kristin