the one where we get excited about the PIRATES


We still have 2 more weeks before it really starts, but I'm celebrating early. I think it's because I've been on campus the past couple of days and HELLO! This year I'm not hooked up to a chemo bag. This is good. Very good. I've been working with the yearbook students at school, giving them a crash course in beginners photography. And let me say just this. IMPRESSED! But before I show off their work and brag, the night before our course started, I pulled a few favorites from our LCHS PASS GALLERY to share with the class. Kind of a "this is who I am and let me brag for a minute" speech. It totally worked for course, they were yawning by slide 3. LOL

No. What really happened is my laptop which was showing the images kept shutting off with the screen saver. My screen saver is a folder of iPhone images that randomly start whenever it pleases and shows slide after slide of iPhone photos. FUNNY.

How's that for good photography? They got to view my June photo stream. There you go. How's that for bragging! LOL

Anyway, the LCHS PASS GALLERY is where my images lived last year. You can still view them, if you like. Here's what the yearbook class was supposed to see.

Love does,