the one with the Hartman Family

This little fella is Nyle. He's the newest member of our Bednarz Family. Jill had another baby, and we couldn't be happier for their family. A BOY joined the ranks! It's been a while and his big sisters Clara and Ansley, I'm sure are completely pumped! Okay, so pumped may be a strong word, but regardless of the new sibling's sex, they have someone new to dress up and play with! A real life doll!

They were in town for a wedding, (Allyson got married!) and I had the chance to finally meet him. He's 10 weeks old, I think. And oh, so cute! We spend about an hour together, family included as well and Aunt Barbara's yard worked just fine. I love it when that happens. When you don't have to load up the car and go anywhere else. I love it for the mom and the mom alone. Well, both parents really. The less hassle they have to go through to get a family portrait, the better.

So backyard portraits can be the best thing!BIG blue eyes and such a great disposition. He's completely laid back, unless you step on him or something. Not like that happened, but with 2 older sisters, you can bet he knows how to scream. LOL

I think he looks like Ansley. Wait. Or is it Clara? Gosh, who knows. But the little guy is just beautiful! You know, for a boy. Beautiful for a boy!Hi, there, little sweetie! Yes, I'll be your Huckleberry! Can you just see him saying that in his head? He was kind of singing to me right here. He's at that age where he's aware of his voice and he coos and sputters and it's oh, so sweet!The shot above? ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE SHOTS EVER! HELLO! I love it! And these two share a room, I believe. So, BONUS. Jill, blow this one up for their wall!! I'm not sure if the dresses match their room decor, so if they don't, go black and white. But either way, LOVE LOVE LOVE it! So much fun! And little girls with curls are my favorite. Just look at the curls on Ansley below.Thank you, Hartman Family. You did GREAT!

On a side note, out house is still for sale. Yep. Call your relator NOW if you are looking to buy in the Cooper school district. We are moving back to the farm! I was at first, not happy about this one bit. But now that I'm recovering and doing oh, so much better, the idea has grown on me. And really, it's just a house. It's not the "home", if you know what I mean. And I kind of think you do. And this would be a great house for a young family. I know, it's great great for mine.

Love does,