the one with more puppies

The puppies go back to their homes today. Sometime today. I'm not sure when? It's been work, yes, but puppies are always fun! It's been unusually cool these past few days, so they slept outside on the patio for the most part. It totally makes cleaning up the messes so much easier, as well. We sit out there with them and just enjoy watching them play and learn. So much fun! They each have completely different personalities! One or two love the water hose when I wash off the patio. They come running and prance through the puddles. The last one, does not, and usually runs the other way. Kanga loves them! She herds them to different areas of the patio, the house, the yard. Eventually she tires and lays down and they come running, jumping all over her and she loves on them. She's helped keep them busy so they don't whine too terribly much.

These first few images, you can see the water balled up on them and how relaxed they are just sitting and waiting for what is next. One, the large male, is a completely relaxed and seems to be a sleepy puppy. He can go for a while, but will all the sudden simply lay his head down, wherever he is, and sleep. Darling really.

I think 2 are still available for purchase. Just message me if you are interested. Super cute dogs!