the one where Ky + Seneca get married at Ransom Canyon

I can't wait any longer. I have to show you the wedding sneak peek from Ky + Seneca's wedding. I've been busy PUPPY SITTING this week and between loads of laundry, and well, just LOADS, *ha, pun sooooo intended, I've neglected this blog. I'm also working on a "year since cancer" blog post, but heck, who wants to talk about that? Weddings are much more fun! So, on to Ky + Seneca's wedding!!!

It was this past weekend and my entire house was excited for it! Excited as in picking out dresses, shoes, etc. EXCITED! So much fun! Oh, and even what to drink, exciting. I'm thinking we don't get out enough? LOL I was photographing and they were attending. Everyone got dressed up, packed a cooler and headed out to Ransom Canyon to celebrate these two! They've dated since HS and have stayed together ever since. So many family and friends there to celebrate! Standing room only during the ceremony. It was outdoors, by the lake, and despite the wind, the sky was beautiful and the day quite lovely. By "lake standards for those reading from states with lakes, big puddle. LOL) I started my day with the girls. Seneca's mom had gone to bed late, she is the decorator of this event, after all. And I'm sure she woke up at the crack of dawn to cook breakfast for everyone. Including me. And I'm so thankful she did. It was completely YUMMY! As in, I got to have your chili-egg casserole recipe please. PRETTY PLEAS. Total YUM! early to cook breakfast for everyone. Totally yummy! So good! The girls hung out here all morning and then made their way to the ceremony site. Me? left early to chase down the boys and see what they were up to and left Toni with the girls. She's my 2nd and many of you blog readers know her personally AND have worked with her before. She's my BFF. My "wing girl" and a dang good photographer to boot. WIN-WIN Ky is so cute! Those cheeks? I can still those cheeks on his sweet baby face in my head. He's totally rocking, cute baby cheeks! Emily + Todd have the cutest little boys EVER. Just EVER. He was busy doing "groom stuff". Checking into hotels, taking bags, getting clothes gathered, and making signs. For wedding guests to navigate by. Everytime I look at this photo below I think, "Wide open spaces!" There's the "puddle" or LAKE. It was a gorgeous day to get married! Cloudy a bit, but that just helped with the heat. They have a bride's room at the Ranch House in RC, and when I arrived her dress was waiting. Just sitting there waiting for me to photograph it. Hello, pretty dress. They chose not to do a "first look" which is fine. I think I've written about "first looks before" on this blog before? Not sure. But honestly, I could go either way. You see, I'm a big believer in planning your day, your way. And yes, there are many benefits to having a "first look", but talk about it together and then just let your photographer know she we can plan the "picture taking time". This group? We played, "hide the bride" and started with the formal pictures of the boys. Hello, pretty stuff for the bride. So much excitement in the bride's room! And HELLO! Look how gorgeous Seneca's sisters and momma are! GORGEOUS!You too, Blair. And not just because you are holding a bouquet. LOLKy wrote an especially tender note to his bride. She read it right before her walk down the aisle. Just look at his face as he watches her!!! BAM! Yep. To quote a movie, "You think I'm gorgeous, you want to kiss me..." Bonus points to those that name the movie. Seneca, you are adorable. Completely adorable! I love that you let go and leaned in and just went with your feelings. So much fun!Check out Kutter below. He was really praying, boy! BEST AFTER KISS SHOT EVER!!!!!The light was absolutely perfect that night! I was so happy with the time they chose to get married. Many couples choose sunset without thinking about the time after for portraits. Not sure if it was a happy accident or not, but that street out by the venue? PERFECT. Hello, pretty cakes and bouquet. You deserve your own spotlight here on this blog. There you are, below. DONE. Toasting time!I shall call this wedding as "bring your kids to work day". Grant you count as my kid. LOVE this shot below! And here's two more of my kids. Summer Zoe and Sydni Nicol. Prettiest Bednarz's EVER! Wait...Mayci's missing. And Brooke. Okay, so I don't have a picture of the Prettiest Bednarz's ever. Stay tuned.And another one of my kids. Hello, pretty lady! Miss Boo is on the blog!Keep scrolling...cousins are coming!!! Um....yes. THIS HAPPENED. Daddy said when you catch bouquet's at weddings it means you have to wait 10 years to get married. Good luck with that, Kalyn Marie. Found a Patio Party going on! Below you will find the gang from THE BULL STOP enjoying a night out. Best wishes to this happy couple! I was so happy to be a part of your BIG DAY! Much love and kisses, ALWAYS!!!! To view more images from this fabulous wedding, CLICK HERE.