the one where "Katie's pregnant!"

The is the Rhode's Family. Katie and Matt were married a few years ago and recently found out, Katie's pregnant! They wanted to announce their pregnancy and surprise their family. So, we devised a plan during a family photo session. It turned out fantastic! I LOVE the emotion in these photos. This is Katie and Matt with their current baby. We started photographing in the back yard to get the pretty family stuff. And then we moved indoors to "announce the pregnancy". The family thought I was simply choosing 2 different back drops to their family photo. And then I would have the family repeat after me various sayings, and one of them being, "Katie's Pregnant". Matt would then hold up the recent sonogram photos of the new baby and that's how they would find out. What was so funny is the family didn't want to break their pose and it took a few seconds for them to catch on.Of course, they were also pretty busy entertaining themselves. LOL I think the dog was even slightly embarrassed. Me? LOVED IT!Here's where I said, "Katie's Pregnant!" The brothers caught on first. and then...Congratulations, Rhode's Family! Very excited for you all! May you be blessed with many wonderful family times together in the future.

Love does,