the one where Kelly + Justin get married in the park

Justin and Kelly were married in a park in Birmingham, Michigan on July 4th. And I just blogged the sneak peek TODAY. I know. I know. I'm horrible. I sat on this blog post for 2 full days. 2 FULL DAYS, I tell you. Wondering how to even begin to share this journey? How do I simply share these wedding photographs with you? What's worthy? Just a blog post? Should it be a slideshow? Should I only post ONE, moving image for all to see? (above) I struggled, really. I wanted to keep them wrapped up tight in my heart and mind before posting them for the couple, their family and friends. I wanted to think about it more. I was holding on because I didn't want it to end. I was still wrapped up in the nostalgia of my wedding weekend and hanging out with them and a part of me felt if I didn't ever share them, it wouldn't end. But we both know that's not true. All good things must come to and end.

There is a slideshow, posted here below at the end of all the pretty pictures. OH, how I love still images set to music! But it's like 12 minutes long and I knew that not everyone would want to sit through the slideshow to see all the pretty images. So, I posted a sneak peek on their Wedding Gallery as well. You can CLICK HEREto view those. So, you choose. Slideshow, gallery, blog post or all. Either way, it's done. I've shared. And that's all I can do.

I've been photographing the Coffey Family Weddings for quite a while. It started with Mya + Chase, then Tyler + Simon and now Kelly+ Justin. He's the last of the siblings to marry and he actually brought Kelly as his date to Tyler + Simon's wedding. So much fun thinking of all the connections. And so much fun seeing all the familiar faces through my camera lens again. Needless to say, they are like old friends you have forever and see every once in a while. But then you realize, this is the last wedding. There are no more siblings. Somewhere deep inside, it kind of hurts. It's goodbye.

So, I leave you with these images to tell the story of their fabulous day! It truly was fabulous. They were married in the park in town just a short walk from the home they bought together and completely remodeled. Home and Garden TV should be calling them soon. I'm not even kidding. And the reception? The food? The dancing? All of it, really, but especially the speeches, the hugs, the celebrating and the love. Just so much love!

Enjoy the sneak peek and HELLO! Anyone getting married in Michigan soon? I'm thinking I don't like goodbyes.

Love does,