the one where I photograph the Browne Family

Family photography to me, is documenting your family. You have a new baby, and yes, it's important to get photographs of that precious new one. But it's equally just as important to document everyone around that new one. Siblings, mom and dad, even the family home at the time. Glimpses that may not seem so important now? But years on down the road, very important.

I spent some time with the precious Browne Family a few weeks ago. They graciously let me "camp out" at their house to document an afternoon in their home. When I arrived, Victoria, the middle child, was just waking up from a nap. She's working hard on leaving her pacifier in her crib after she wakes up. I think it makes her grumpy.

But a all new toddlers are, she is easily distracted.Until she find it again. Such a cutie! You can just see the personality oozing out of her!She has a new baby brother to show me.And talk all about.But first, mommy needed to brush out her hair.She's still a bit tender headed.New baby brother was bright eyed and ready for the camera!LOVE me some baby toes!BIG EYES ALL ALERT.and ah...ah....ah.......chooo!I think Victoria is easily one of the happiest gigglers I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Such a fun age, this toddler thing!Baby brother fell asleep.Oh, the wiggling and fun sounds they make! And I love how they can wake up so happy after a nap. See? This is why we ALL should take naps. So we can wake up like this below. Big sister arrived after running errands with her grandma. She quickly changed clothes and I had the chance to photograph her. I was watching a British movie the other day and bangs were referred to as "fringe". This little girl has most excellent fringe. Totally frame those chocolate brown eyes!I think she was totally bored with my posing suggestions, no?But give the girl a pretty skirt and HELLO! Everything changes!All good photo sessions require ice-cream breaks. No?Makes me want some fringe. LOVE LOVE LOVE this happy shot below!And toddling is the BEST! So happy and full of life!And get that one single moment of the day where they sit still for just a bit. Dad came home after work and we tried a few family shots on the front porch. But it was extremely hot and many mosquitos were out and about. Even Stretch, the family dog thought it was too hot.but we were determined...This one totally cracks me up! And this...MELTDOWN!So, we decided to head indoors and get this instead.LOOK. Happiness! In the midst of a busy household and chaos, there's total love in family.Thank you, Browne Family.

Much love,