the one with a wedding at Walnut Tree, Dylan and Paige got married!


I almost fell asleep driving home from Paige and Dylan's BIG FABULOUS Walnut Tree Wedding. Almost. And no, before you "go there", I was not drinking. I always tease at weddings when offered a drink, "you do want your photos to be in focus, right? Only so many can be "artsy fartsy blurry". " I was tired from all the celebrating! You see, Paige and Dylan are HS sweethearts. And they are both nice, sweet, fun-as-hell people. And their folks are as well. So, you add all those good folks into one bunch, invite all their friends, and well, you see, that's a lot of celebrating going on right there! Me included. I first started my day with Paige and her mom at Lindsay's Day Spa. Hair to be done. Things to pick up. Talk to be discussed. It was a good morning. We then made a quick stop at her house to pick up some merry maids and we made the drive to Olton. Walnut Tree Wedding is a super place to get married! Especially is you like pretty gardens and outdoor type of feel. There is some indoor space, but it is rustic. So, ballgown, black tie affairs, nope. Good celebrating, elegant affairs? YEP. Paige is a complete delight to be around. She's shaped like a little china doll with her curves and coloring in all the right places. Throw in an enormous ball of energy and you've got Paige. She's then wrapped up in sugar sweetness you just can't keep from. Her wedding day she was in true forum. Jumping, squealing, laughing, crying. All of it and all of it absolutely precious. So much laughter in that bride's room. And yes, a few tears. But when you choose your very best friends to be your maids, they take care of you.Hello, pretty dress. And pretty day! Look closely. See the pair of mosquitos high tailing it through the ceremony site? I sprayed repellant several times that day. SEVERAL. Gorgeous! Oh, how I could photograph this bunch all day! Nothing dull about them, not one bit! Paige got to see the reception site before she got into her gown. It gets so intensely busy and crazy that day, that many times, brides do not get to see "everything put together". Here is it! And here's her reaction. Well done, Walnut Tree. Well done! She squealed!!Little people arrived to visit with the bride. Cute little people I might add. Not those green skinned ones from the Wizard of Oz. Nope. These littles were covered in sugar just like Paige.Hello, pretty shoes with pretty feet.Hello, funny moments with your favorite peeps.And hello pretty maids! If you ever need the following:

  • eyelashes
  • mac makeup
  • pretty collarbones
  • hair redo's
  • meaning prayer
  • borrowed earrings
  • commando talk
  • impromptu dancing
  • fond memories

these are your girls. For sure. I grabbed these quick, relaxed family portraits in the "hen house". It's where folks got ready. It worked great to have different looks and lighting situations for "camera aware portraits". Paige and Dylan opted to not see each other before the big day. She missed him terribly, but it worked for them. It worked for me. Communication folks. That's all you need.Hello, cute groom. I wish I could offer you a bullet list of these fine gentlemen that stood up with Dylan on his big day. Alas, I'm sworn to secrecy. Sworn. Too many good stories to offer, I'm sure. One involved some gambling in another state, but I'm keeping the conversation to celebratory details today. I will say these studs photograph very nicely. And they can dance. Good traits to have in groomsmen. Paige and Dylan were married by a priest from their parish, Holy Spirit. Dang. Can't remember his name, but I adored his facial expressions and he's got a pretty good homily as well.Fun moment. Alexandra below? She's a fabulous photographer. And we've both taken the shot of the bride and groom with the door in between. As folks were coming in to visit and see the bride, she was smushed into the corner. She's my "door+ bride+groom" shot of this wedding. LOVE!And the sweetest little girls posed for me. We bribed them with grapes and cheese. It works.Walnut Tree Weddings does all the floras as well. And they are good. How pretty is the bride's bouquet? HELLO! Wedding time! I love getting grab shots of guests arriving. So much fun! And it looks like a full house folks.It was a great day. Lots of reasons to celebrate!My one artsy fartsy blurry shot. No drinking was included withe this shot below. Just saying'.These are the fine folks that work with Paige and helped me learn how to NOT freak when putting in my contacts. Reber Riley Vision Center in Lubbock. One of these days I will fill you in on my "eyesight" since cancer. Fun stuff for sure. Especially since I'm horrible with medical stuff. A big wuss. COMPLETELY. So, sticking a finger in my eye with a piece of plastic to make me see better? Not my cup of tea. But necessary all the same. Thank you, nice folks that work with Paige. Thank you.And high school friends that saw and guided you through quirky adolescence. and helped you with hair, fashion, beauty, and boys. Through thick or thin, high school peeps knew you when. Keep them close and you will go far in life. You have to. They can black mail you with all the "secrets" if you don't. I love this moment between Gina and Dylan. You blog readers know how I feel about REAL people with REAL moments. I think that's why I love this wedding so much! These peeps aren't afraid to reach out and touch each other and share how they feel. So sweet! Tugs at my heart strings.Here's another REAL one. And another.And another.Next Cooper girl getting married! Hello, Janae + Kyle. Ryan and his mom, cutting a rug. or two. One of my favorite shots of the evening. Paige's mom and dad enjoying a moment together on the dance floor. So sweet!For those of you wanting more, you can view their wedding gallery sneak peek by CLICKING HERE. Also, I put together a slide show for those that are lazy and would like to just "let it roll". It doesn't work on an iPad, but a smart phone that allows flash? Try it. Much love, Kristin