the one where Jennifer + Matt get married on campus at Texas Tech

I have the coolest weddings. I seriously do. And I'll get to this fabulous wedding in just a bit. But first, for those of you interested in my work, Monterey Prom photos are done and now life can return to almost normal. There I said it. MONTEREY PROM IS DONE and I released that into the world. It's such a relief to get it out of my computer and on their gallery. WHEW!

Also, today is Devin's birthday!!!! YEAH!!! This typically means chocolate cake, grilling out and SWIMMING! I love his birthday!!! Or any birthday that involved this. The girls woke up and made him breakfast. Awww...ins't that sweet? His birthday always shares the week of Father's Day, and that's kind of a bummer that we can't spoil him spread out, but it is what it is. We shall roll with it.

I'm also working slowly through personal photos of Summer Zoe's graduation. WOW! I still can't believe my kids are grown. I feel so young as in they should still be in grade school or something. That is, I feel young until I pass in front of a mirror and then I'm struck by how old I really am. I don't feel that way one bit. I feel young. And for that I'm very grateful.


Jennifer and Matt were married in a lovely ceremony on TT Campus. at the Kent R. Chance Chapel. Such a lovely place! Very modern yet somehow fits in on campus and feels like a part of Tech. I enjoyed shooting there! AND I got to work with the lovely Jill of Eat, Drink and be Marry. She's so good at what she does and FUN to boot! Keep scrolling down and you will find a cute little picture of us. As much as my generations hates selfies, I love them when a friend is involved.

To view more images from their wedding, CLICK HERE. I'm using a new gallery system for client's images and so far? LOVE IT! Let me know what you think, blog readers. Share and care.

Love does,



YUM! Satin dresses are so lovely! Jen's was no exception! And HELLO! Corset gowns are such a pain to get in, but so worth it for the curves it brings out! Jennifer is curvy in all the right places and this gown showed that off in the BEST way! BRAVO Jen, for going through the pain. LOLThe hands in the image above make the shot! You can feel the nerves involved when a gown goes OVER the done hair. I'm just saying'...And mom below? Cindy, you were great throughout this process! I think my favorite MOB (mother of the bride) moment was at the reception, after Jennifer + Matt had left, I came back inside the Watson building and found you on the dance floor! So much fun!

Here's a great shot that shows the PAIN involved in getting the dress on. This girl's got game. Dress game.And such graceful lines! I love Jen's fingers as she was putting on her jewelry. And her sister? A great calming agent. Focus, Focus, Focus.

The smiles came out from that moment on! Matt had written her a sweet note. Hello, lovely doors at Kent R. Hance Chapel. I love you so.

Jennifer and Matt chose NOT to see each other. I'm honestly fine either way. But they did pray together before. And it was perfect. Okay, so maybe not perfect for Jennifer's makeup, but hey, she had time to fix it back after crying. This couple is putting God first in their lives and it was a blessing to witness and see!Hello, cute little fella who LOVES being in a tux. Am I right? I'm right. You love it!I want to say a little something about First Looks. I'm all for them. I'm all NOT for them. And it's because I'm all for a couple doing what THEY want to do. What best fits them and their beliefs, their personalities, their day. I'm a documentarian. I simply photograph what I see, what I feel, and use visual images to tell a story of the day. So, if you are reading this, getting married and unsure about what you should do, google it. There's a slew of articles out there discussing just this. And then you and your guy can discuss it and how it fits into your day and PLAN IT THE WAY THE TWO OF YOU WANT. The main thing? Communication with everyone involved and planning it according to the time. That's it. That is all.

Stepping off my soap box and looking at Matt's sweet face as he waits for his bride! LOVE!

Hello! Lovely chapel that painted their ceilings a pretty blue! And breathe, Jen, BREATHE! Yep. LOVES being a ring bearer!OH, stop my romantic heart! I love it when a guy touches a girl's face, neck, head, whatever and draws her into a kiss! LOVE! Thank you Matt. I'm stopping this sneak peek to just say,

MATT HAD THE COOLEST GROOM's CAKE EVER! The Hulk fingers are THE BEST!They celebrated their wedding with a reception at The Watson Building in Lubbock. I LOVE this place! We were fed, we were entertained with lovely toasts, and we danced the night away! It was a wonderful way to celebrate a great day!

Thank you everyone! And best wishes to the Happy Couple!!