the one where I wish Jason a Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Jason! I won't share with the world, your age. Only because I can barely do the math on myself, let alone you. I love you dearly and will always remember kissing you before Devin. (That's a short story only told over a beer or two.) I wanted to take the time out of my tremendously lazy day and wish you a happy day. You are the baby of our family in my eyes. Younger then me and Devin, younger then my sister. I love how when our family is together you are ALL about us having a great time and laughing together, eating well and just darn enjoying ourselves. I've known you almost as long as I've known your brother and I can honestly say, I totally enjoy you. You always let me stay with you when I'm photographing weddings in Dallas and you always treat me like I would be treated in a 4* hotel. I love you. I love your family you brought into our lives. You gave me one AWESOME sister-in-law!!! (Love you, Emily!) And a beautiful niece and handsome nephew that are cool adults I don't mind hanging out with.

I hope you have a wonderful day! Love Does, Kristin