the one with the Class of 2014's Baccalaureate


Everyone keeps asking me if I'm sad. Am I weepy? How are you doing Momma? Summer Zoe is graduating from high school this week. My last baby at home. And it hasn't really hit me yet. I've been so busy preparing for out of town guests, getting my "after cancer" life back in order, and buying grad gifts, I haven't had time to really think about it. Well, last night, I had time. Folks, I love it when our God finds a way to slow us down and concentrate on HIM. He's so wonderful that way!

LCHS Celebrated the Class of 2014 with aBaccalaureate service last night at the Performing Arts Center. It was voluntary and only a handful of the graduates showed up, but everyone who did was well blessed and get this, PRAYED OVER BY THE PARENTS AND GUESTS. Hello! I'd sign up for that every day!

Mr. Savage, the dad of two athletes from LCHS, organized the event and asked that we spread the word so that future classes of LCHS could also have Baccalaureate Services. Does blogging count, Mr. Savage?

I love this class.

I love how the cleave together and have such great joy and definitely know how to enjoy each other. But more than that, I love how this class, or at least the part I rub shoulders with, realizes that they are not perfect, nor do they try to be, so therefore they accept and love. Garrett McKinney gave a moving testimony about his "brother" who was killed, serving God in a foreign country and asked us the question, "Who do you play for?" Not just in sports, but in life. BRAVO Garrett!

*edited to add, I totally did not pick up on his reference to his "brother" being CHRIST, Jesus. HELLO! Now I so get it. Thank you, Garrett.

Class of 2014, we love you, we support you, we pray for you always.

Love does,


PS Kesley? So happy I got to hug your neck.