the one where my heart is full

The Lubbock Cooper High School Awards Assembly was last night and Summer Zoe took home the Kelsey Vines Memorial Scholarship. We couldn't be more proud. I've been a Lubbock Cooper Pirate Mom for 8 years. My girls transferred here from St. Joseph School in Slaton. We lived in Cooper district and chose to send our kids here based on their excellent academics, yes, but mostly because almost every cousin that lived around here, well, they went here as well. It's was a great choice for us. I'm not saying everything's been perfect. We've had our hardships, our tough teachers, but overall, it's been family. Home. A place to be a part of. We dug in, "ALL IN" and personally, I've loved being a part of this community, and a Pirate Mom!

They asked me to photograph the assembly last night and I'm sharing some pictures here, and of course on the PIRATE GALLERY. Please feel free to download images and share them with your family, friends, your world.

We will miss having a child at Cooper, but we aren't giving up our Pirate Hats just yet. We have cousins that will be in HS next year and playing sports, and hopefully, they will let me tag along and photograph their world. Hopefully, I'll still be asked to photograph activities and games and wonderful people that love the school and Pirateville like I do.

Summer receiving the award is a "full circle" moment for me. I first met Kelsey her junior year at Cooper. She was in her basketball uniform and approached me under the goal and asked me about photography. I remember her smile and friendly eyes more then anything else about her. I never got the chance to shoot with her, but I did get the chance to know her family and friends. Those that loved her. Those that coached her, taught her. For my baby girl to receive this award as we are "leaving Cooper", it's bitter sweet. It's a great goodbye and heartfelt hug all at once. Kelsey was a senior when our Kalyn Marie was a freshmen. This is a good exit.

Love does,