the one with Mason, LCHS Senior 2014

Something about the preppy tie all casual relaxed just screams MASON. YES, we have our house for sale, but until we move, he's still my back door neighbor. Of course out here in GRAND LAND, we rarely see our neighbors. Okay, we see them, but we don't see them. You know what I mean folks. The lots are so large, you are waving or yelling across driveways. Not even kidding. I do walk from time to time, but even then unless I walk consistently at the same time, I don't really run into folks. It's just BIG. And people are busy.

Mason isgraduating from LCHS along with my daughter this year. I still can't believe these kids are old enough to graduate! They will soon be off to college and living on their own. I'm not worried too much about Summer. Maybe the laundry part. Dorm rooms are low on square footage and this one tends to throw hers on the floor. Mason is heading to TT in the fall. Somehow I don't think they are thinking of square footage.