the one where Matt + Holly get married

Did anyone else realize that I mistakenly blogged Matt + Stephanie instead of HOLLY in my last blog post? I've since corrected it, but you know? You may need to slow down a bit before you hit the send key once in a while, Kristin. LOL Too funny!

I got back from Matt + HOLLY's wedding yesterday afternoon. I stayed an extra day to photograph a senior in Melissa, Texas. I'll blog those soon, Miss Whitney, so stay tuned. But in the mean time, I just had to get these AMAZING photos to Matt + Holly and their friends and family. Super fun time!

They got married at The Wellington, in Wichita Falls, Texas which is a venue right beside our hotel. HELLO! Very simple and easy for me the photographer. My car hardly moved all weekend. Okay, so it went to a bar with a bunch of guys, but for the most part, didn't move.

The weekend consisted of many, many laughs along with quite a few tears. Mason, the groom's twin bother had the house in stitches with some talk of Woody, and we ain't discussing Pixar's Toy Story picture. Get me drift? He also made everyone cry during his "best man" speech with the tales of two brothers and how close these two were. It may have dragged on just a bit, but I still loved it! Thank you, Mason. Yes, it was several typed pages long, but those were good pages! And I enjoyed every single word.

These two are very well loved. It showed in how much effort family and friends gave to make sure they had a wonderful day! And they did! We all did. And I should mention that this wedding was way over a year in the planning. Holly made so much of the details herself. From the Photo Booth backdrop to the moss covered letters, every where you looked, she left her touch. Well done, my lady!

I woke up Sunday, worn out and exhausted and almost a bit bummed. Kind of like the depression that hits after Christmas? Yeah. Like that. And I realized it's because it's over. All over. I'm so very thankful we sat down in Chili's all those days ago and you chose me as your wedding photographer. I LOVED working with you. Hanging out with you. Sticking my foot in my mouth several times like I always seem to do and you not getting mad. I'm going to miss it.

Thank you, Matt + Holly.

Enjoy your sneak peek!