the one with the tall, cute guy and the small doll, in other words, Jonathan + Stephanie are ENGAGED!


I'm sorry. But they just don't get any cuter then these two. They just don't. I met Stephanie through her sister and even photographed her before. CLICK HEREto see those images. So, when I saw on facebook that she was engaged, a part of me was secretly hoping she would reach out and inquire about my wedding services. HELLO! I did several happy dances when it worked out that I would be the one to photograph her big day! SEVERAL!

She's adorably cute and better yet, inspires me to keep working on this butt wrinkles that have showed up. KEEP WORKING. Just check out her cute "I'm a trainer's" shape. HELLO! Legs are AMAZING!

Anyhoo, we met on Monday to photograph their engagement session and here's their adorable sneak peek!

Love does,