the one with Sami, SENIOR 2014, LCHS

I'm going to get all sentimental on my blog in the next couple of months. My baby girl is graduating. And YES, I mean Summer Zoe. But with that baby girl, comes a slew of other baby girls that she grew up with. Including the gorgeous creature featured above these words. HELLO! Just how cute is Sami? Huh? How?

Summer and Sami cheered together in junior high. Cute, expressive, firecrackers...SO MUCH FUN TO WATCH! When Summer Zoe quit cheering, I almost died a slow cheer momma miserable death. That was until I realized, I still had Sami. Yep. I could still watch Sami cheer.

I photographed Sami's Senior Pictures Sunday afternoon and was so happy to do so! She's GORGEOUS! And still an awesome cheerleader! Enjoy the first two images below. My oh, my! Our baby girl's have grown!

Love Does,