the one with duck face

Yeah. You heard me. Duck Face. It's everywhere! I've been going through images for a website redo and had to share a few outtakes from one this summer down in BEAUTIFUL AUSTIN!!!! (waving at you Miss Marie!!!)

Also, I don't recognize myself in this photo above. Oh, my Lord! I do look better with shorter hair Many of you have been telling me, but I wasn't believing until I saw this hot mess above. My face looks 10 times slimmer with shorter hair and my eyes bigger as well. That's just a win win in my book. Plus, I feel like I'm rocking my inner Pink with this do.

Miss Marie above in her adorable way. How cute is this girl? And the one below? ADORABLE as well. I so wish I could french braid. Not for myself, but for my girls. They both have gorgeous locks and I can't do squat. If this was instagram, I'd hashtag, #momfail.I want a picture of me sitting on Devin's lap when I've been married forever. She still gets that gleam in his eye going! L O V E!Endings are sometimes sad. Sometimes joyful. The end of my treatment has come and I'm starting to see the light at the end of this ordeal. You know how everyone is so excited about the end of a reception? Okay, so it could be the liquor, but I fully expected to feel that way when my treatment stopped. But you know? I was so tired off my ass, I couldn't even muster up the energy to ring the dang bell again. I mean, TIRED. Every day gets better, but I'm still not up to CELEBRATE PARTY STAGE. And when I am? WATCH OUT. It will be EPIC.

Love does,