the one where Monica and Joe rehearse getting married at Holy Redeemer Church in Madison

I'm in Wisconsin photographing a wedding at Holy Redeemer Church in Madison.

Have you ever been to WISCONSIN in the winter? Well, if you watch NFL football you know how crazy these sheepsheads are about getting out in the element and supporting their team! They know how to bundle up and go and be a part of the day!

I'm taking a cue from those Packer fans today and will be wearing snow boots at my wedding. HA! My cousin Monica is getting married to her love Joe and I'm the lucky girl that gets to photograph the wedding! YES! It's cold and I'm dealing well, but the fellowship is warm and I'm having a great time!

I'll post the wedding sneak peek when I get back next week. On a side note, Miss Marie is moving back to college this weekend. I'm sure gonna miss that girl!

Love does,