the one where the Pirates beat Brownfield


To view more photos from this game, CLICK HERE.

I know what you are thinking. Where's the NYE post? Why basketball again? But the OCD in me needs to get caught up before I share a NY's post. Besides, when you do nothing for NY's because your family is working or hanging out with their friends, not much to share. I did enjoy one hell of a football game last night! Amazing to watch Johnny Football in action. And it was nice to watch his interview after the game, professing his love for team and players. Doesn't get much better than that!

And you are probably thinking, "heck! I thought she was a UT fan?" And I am folks! I truly am! But anytime a Texas team plays football against someone outside of Texas, I cheer for them. Wholeheartedly!

Of course I'm still in love with the Cooper Pirates! And they recently beat Brownfield in a game at home before Christmas. I forgot to share the images and wanted to hear on the blog. It was an exciting close game! Brownfield was dunking it before in warmups and YES they dunked it in the game, but hey? Guess who won? Yep. WE DID!

Way to go guys! I know you are having a tough start to your season, but I'm cheering you on and thinking good things for you.


Happy 2014 EVERYONE!