The one with sweet baby Hayden!


Sometimes sessions don't go the way you planned. Take this family for example. Hayden, the cute one in the middle above? She just wasn't having it. I mean she was present and accounted for, but no matter how much dancing around and squealing like a pig I owned up to, she just wasn't having it. I was not her cup of tea.

So we tried with mom + dad and both of them did some of their best work EVER. And nope. She still wasn't having it. So, we changed a few diapers, tried a bottle, even drove around. And it is what is is.


In between the moments of thinking we just didn't get those happy looks we were craving and wanting, Hayden gave us something else.


This is her folks. This Saturday morning, her all rolled into a tight little bundle of cuteness.

And I gladly accept it. Wholeheartedly.

HELLO! She's adorable.

Love does,