The one with my bad ass

I have a bad ass. Literally. I have stage 3 colon cancer.


It's 1 tumor 1 lymph node. And yes. I kept it a secret sinceFebruary. Not fun. Not fun for me who can never keepsecrets. Myown kids hide their presents because they want to be surprised. I'mthat momma that can't stand not to talk about it the minute I getit. Purchase it. For me, that's SUPER HARD!
So, here we are. May 2103.
Here's what Iknow thus far. Having any surgery sucks. It just does. But with theright support group around you, you can do anything.
Cancer is ascary word. And everyone keeps asking how I feel. Gosh! I don'treally know. I didn't freak out immediately and think "get it out". I just thought okay, let's find out more and deal. You read aboutit. You discuss it with survivors. You discuss it with doctors. Youlearn more and decide your path. I had to have surgery.
This badboy of a tumor was wrecking HAVOCK on my love of food. I lost 20pounds and couldn't find a food that I loved or that my colonloved. The tumor was blocking things. Causing pain. And keeping mefrom having fun. Hello! I missed parties, lunch dates, had torearrange work loads. Taking care of my family was hard. I wastired from poor nutrition. Just plain worn out. Many of you knewthis was happening but didn't ask or didn't feel you could. I'msorry I had to keep so many shut out. But I was worried about thestaging and how it would effect my job.
Hello! Brides do not tohire people with cancer.
But honestly. If you study colon cancer. If you read about it. Talk to survivors, join forums, colon cancerain't that bad of a cancer. It's honestly not. And the chemo istolerable. Which basically means a poison that doesn't make yourhair fall out. I'm devouring all I can on it today.
I do know thatliving with colon cancer is going to be ok. I'm going to be ok. Ihave a bad ass and I'll have to deal. But I'll be ok. I'll be fine.
And most of all, I'm still shooting. If you have any questions,please email me or come see me!
I have a wedding the end of thismonth, a couple of proms, all doctor approved. :))
I love my job. Ilove photographing weddings!