the one where I drive and drive and then drive some more


My BFF from HS, Sheila, well, her daughter Elisha is getting married this weekend. Well, HELLO! Of course I'm photographing it! And happy to do so. But first, Summer Zoe has a STUCO convention in Dallas and we thought it would be the perfect time to take her to see Dale, her physical therapist that has helped her out so much with her back pain. I've never spoken about it here, not sure why? Probably because I need a photo first to blog. HA! Here's the quick update.

Summer started having back pain last summer break after the West Texas A+M team camp. She took a tough fall and a few weeks later, started talking about her back. We took her to a local physician and even had an MRI and they recommended taking a year off. What? Yeah, that wasn't going to fly. This girl LOVES basketball. And I honestly felt something had caused it. You just don't wake up at 16 and start having back pain. So we thought, 2nd opinion.

Off to Dallas to see Dr. Sterling. Be sure and go and check out what this club does. HELLO! These guys work on star athletes and tour with them. Hey know their stuff. So, Davida, Devin's mom, got us the appointment and we are so very thankful. Their practice approaches the body as an ENTIRE WHOLE UNIT and they specialize in Sports Medicine. My kind of doc! When Devin hurt his knee in college ball, Dr. Montgomery was his doc that fixed him to play again. Him and Dr. Sterling work together. That's how we found them.

Well, the day we went to the appointment, he examined her and took her through some moves and motions and decided he was pretty darn sure she had a misaligned pelvis. Meaning, her pelvis was knocked so hard that the pain in her back was from that and once we get it realigned, the pain should subside. In walks his PT, Dale Smith who also agreed with him.

These dudes were right. Here's a great article that explains everything they were talking about and they way they explained it to this momma? It made total sense. She worked out with Dale that weekend and immediately felt relief. So, he warned her. BUILD UP THAT CORE. And be ready for it to become misaligned again. When it does, come right away because the longer it's "out" the more inflamed things get. Once her core remained strong, she should stay aligned.

So, we drive to Southlake Thursday night to visit with Dale. Summer fell in practice pretty hard again and we thought we wouldn't wait this time. I was headed in that direction, she was going to be there the next day with the STUCO, so why not?

Only thing we didn't plan for was TRAFFIC. Lubbock, I so love you and your no traffic. Well, except for the drop and pick up at school down Woodrow road. That can be a pain, but overall, we never have to look at the scene above very much. Be sure and stare hard at my rearview mirror. UGH...But the good news? Summer feels great and we got to spend some quality time together.


Anyway, after Dallas Thursday night, I left for Tulsa Friday afternoon. That's a lot of driving, folks.

Love does,