the one where google reader says goodbye

Google Reader says "goodbye".

I got the message yesterday when I logged in. HELLO!

I din't screen shot it so I could share it here, but I should have! It scared me just a bit. Many of you probably don't even use google reader, but I do. And I LOVE it. Totally LOVE it. It's basically a place you can go to read all your blogs, websites, etc. in one place. You create subscriptions and they feed the updates into your reader.

It stops feeding and goes away in July.

I of course immediately searched for alternatives and there are a slew.


I'm currently trying Feedly. I like the way it looks, but not sure about how to mark things completely read? I typically go through and read the ones I want based on the preview and skip so many, but want them marked read in my feeder. Not sure Feedly works that way, since I just signed on. I'm sure it does, just need to poke around a bit more.

I'll keep you posted.

What reader do you use? Care to share?

Love does,