the one with malware?

If you visited my blog or site over the New Year's Eve holiday, you may have seen the above image.


I host my website and blog with Big Folio, the awesome company that designs websites for photographers. In the many moons I've been blogging and having a "web presence", I've never had this image come up. So, I was a bit perplexed and scared. I immediately filled out a support ticket and the staff at Big Folio helped me out with what to do. Yep. On a Holiday. On New Year's Eve. How awesome are they? I highly recommend them if you are looking for a website. HIGHLY.

Have you heard of google webmaster tools?

They are awesome, too.

Here we are, January 2nd and I have lots to blog about that I couldn't blog about when my site was yucky. But now that I get a normal page and no warnings. I'm excited! And I'm addicted to the webmaster tools. Very cool to see where all the visitors are coming from.

Thank you Google.

Thank you Big Folio.

Love does,