the one where I wax poetic about sports

I've watched a lot of team work in the past few weeks. A good player won't always play good and many times, the other 4 on the floor have to make up the difference. And if teammates honestly like each other, it can totally work and the team will still when the game. That's what I love about competitive sports! It's not just about you, but your team! I love it when the girls figure that out and start really enjoying the sport. It can totally feel like FAMILY.

Summer has a concussion. Yep. She hit her head pretty darn hard in practice about 2 weeks ago and then again during a game that following weekend. She started suffering headaches and just wasn't playing her normal game. Something was up. After a quick trip to the doc, it was confirmed. A concussion.

I'm bummed. She will miss a game, possibly more. But the main thing is getting her healthy.

I'll keep you posted.

In the mean time, enjoy this sneak peek from the JV girls vs Canyon.

Love does,