the one where Jenna + Chris get married

Jenna and Chris were married Saturday, December 8, 2012 in a ceremony at First United Methodist Church in Slaton, Texas.

See Murphee up there? He belongs to Jenna.

Yep. Right about now he's missing Jenna. Or is he? Wait a minute. All weekend long folks were interrupting his sleeping habits, forcing him to wave and shake and lie down all for the sake of being cute and pretty. Coming and going and messing with his guard dog duties. Wearing his bark out. Maybe he's not missing this wedding craze and instead enjoying a nice long week of relaxing at the g-parents. Maybe so. But either way, I have a wedding to show you. A BIG FAT SLATON FABULOUS WEDDING!

Jenna and Chris were married Saturday night in a FABULOUS celebration at First United Methodist Church followed by a reception at the Watson Building in Lubbock.

So many tears, so much laughter and so much fun!

Thank you Chris and Jenna for choosing me as your photographer. I'm sure while you are baking in the hot warm sun of Costa Rica you are thinking of me.


Here's the sneak peek. 

Love does,

The bridesmaids all had the morning to relax and enjoy the sunshine! The makeup and hair ladies came to the bride's parents house. They had wonderful south facing windows. BAM! This photographer was happy happy. After some snacking and visiting, I looked around for the dress and found it in her baby brothers closet.


So simple, yet so YUMMY! And with the home decorated with Christmas lights, there was wonderful backgrounds everywhere!This her hair before. Yep. I'd take that any day of the week.Something about the layers of a gown, sort of like frosting on a cake. LOVEmore pretty hairand more pretty girls! Many of the maids were cousins. They've grown up together. Got each other's backs. Know the scoops on each other. It was fun to watch them interact.pretty pretty jaryn. This is the bride's sister. Doesn't she look like Julia Roberts? More pretty hair. Girls, if you are getting married and want pretty hair? Call Jenna's hair lady. She's the BOMB! I worked with her last weekend as well, when Raelan got married. LOVEMore cousin talk. Not sure.

Just like the concentration.S T U N N I N G

Go ahead Jenna, get married in the shirt. Nothing else because you are so smoking HOT no one would notice! Dress? What dress? You are gorgeous!!!!And these are too!

Hello stuart. Can we dance later?Sweet moment with the dress and family.meanwhile...across the county...

the guys?

yeah, rolling out of bed for lunch/brunch/food/drink/tour of TT Stadium.

And BAM! Check out the groom's gift below. LOVEThese images were taken by my partner in crime, Miss Toni Spray. You did good girl. Good. Very good. I think I'll keep you if you will keep me. No?Chris is the BEST. He's sweet, he's funny, he's got great friends. AND shhhh...don't tell him I said this, but he cries. And any guy that cries during a romantic heartfelt situation is MY KIND OF GUY!!!! LOVE!!!!!How do you do this?

So dang cute!!!!! Like cuter than a puppy. Cuter than a baby dolphin. Cuter than Ryan Reynolds. Wait...okay, scratch that last one. I'm not the one in love with him. LOLGuys checking the time to make sure they are OK? Everyone was bussed over by a crazy bus driver that you would find in a crazy movie!!!! HELLO! Just email/facebook or find someone in these photos you know and ask. Everyone that rode with her grabbed the seat with their buns and hung on for dear life. The woman even asked the bride the night before how to get to Spirit Ranch. Yep. I swear. And when Toni go on board the next day to head to Slaton with the guys, she texted me that she might not make it. That she loved me and enjoyed working with me. But please take care of her family. THAT IS HOW SCARY THIS BUS DRIVER WAS.I have no idea. What? Why? Someone slap him!But they photograph well, no?They do. And they are good at coming up with things to do while waiting for a wedding.College Flowers did all the decor, coordination, lighting, etc. They cover everything with awesome-sauce until it becomes magically delicious. Just check out this AMAZING bouquet!!!!Let's get dressed!!!!

I've shared this before, but I just love the feel. Jenna was so happy and so excited and so READY. Just a gorgeous bride!!!! I swear everything about her screams classic, timeless, BEAUTIFUL.Wait...and fun.

These girls know how to have fun!Okay, stop.

HEART HURTS from cuteness. You know how when you bite into a pickle and your cheeks hurt? Yep. That's what we have here. CUTENESS UNTIL IT HURTS!!!! Check out this flower girl.Beautiful girls and wonderful families!And then we bring the cheese. I like cheese. Every wedding needs a little cheese. It goes good with all the drinks we are having later. Scratch that. YOU are having later. I stay sober at these events.Oh, sweet Jaryn. LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo of you. I shall post it to facebook and tag you and you shall use it as your profile picture and people far and wide will come and look in amazement at your beauty.

yep. there's a plan.And then you get this.

Yep. THIS spawned Jenna, Jaryn and Jace.

Still scratching my head. Okay, so they hired this videographer that got a bit on my nerves. I'm not gonna lie. I can pretty much work with anyone. I just can. And don't get me wrong. He was cute! He was hip! He had his crap together. And good equipment and all. And his heart was definitely in the right place. He just like to orchestrate the entire day and plan it according to the script in his head. And I get that. Filmmakers are filmmakers no matter what they are photographing. But I also know when you reformulate an idea in your head, sometimes you are missing the REAL MOMENTS that happen around you. That's why I carry two bodies, locked and loaded, ready to shoot a wedding like Rick shoots walkers on the Walking Dead. (how did you like me throwing in my new favorite gross TV show?)

I document the day,

Part of him orchestrating the day I enjoyed. I'll admit it, Daniel the video guy. This was a good moment. I'm looking forward to viewing your finished product so I can hear the emotion in that was in that room.

He took Jenna + Chris and placed them in a private area and had them read letters aloud that they had written to each other. It was beautiful.

A hug from the powers that be before you. Yep. Jenna's grandma. This is Gran. Jenna was so excited to be married!Lets check in on those guys, shall we? You leave them alone and they are going to find something to do.I shared this one on facebook earlier but I love it so. I must admit to a panic attack while waiting to photograph it. I thought I had missed them walking across the breezeway as I waited a good 10 minutes in the cold dodging latecomers and all. For a minute I thought I heard the music change and they were starting the ceremony without me. A photographer's WORST NIGHTMARE. But they weren't. I was paranoid. And waiting for this moment was soooooo worth it to see the finished shot.There's a joke to tell here. Something about moms always having their claws in you. This is the bride's aunt and after her contract is up with this family, I want her. I'm serious. She's a go getter. A doer. I watched her in awe and wonder all day at her endless energy. And she's fun too! So, family? When you are finished with this woman, can I have her?Sweet ceremony moment. This boy started the entire thing by untying the ribbon at the front of the ceremony spot.groom's father watchingLOVE

Cousin Air kisses before the walk down. We can do this!and sweet Jenna still excited...waitingHere we go!Okay, so a cell phone goes off. No?The rings getting blessed.and going oncommunionand a kiss!WE DID IT!!!!So excited!!!! I love the moments immediately after a ceremony!!!! LOVE!And this cracks me up every single time I look at it. We were all crammed into a tiny room waiting for the sanctuary to clear and I just snap away like crazy. THIS is a serious I should call "WE DID WHAT?"So sweet.We took some formals. I get pretty bossy during that time because I want everyone to get her done and get out. Nothing wrong with that. Formals aren't my favorite and a bride in heels? Yeah, even it they are Stuarts, she doesn't like standing in one place for a long period of time.But there sure can be fun!And then you get this. THE COUPLE. Now I'm having fun.But the best part? The celebration!!!! Everyone is so happy and so excited for the new couple. We just want to hug them, dance with them, drink with them, and dance with them again!!!!

this was my favorite room.


all white and pretty and just for me.LOVE LOVE LOVE

need to put this on the front page of my website and see how many couples book me because this guy is having a great time!when they play Journey, everyone WAILS.

thanks for looking.