the one where I photograph the JV Lady Pirate Game

The Lady PIrate JV team BEAT Monterey last night in our season opener. Way to go Lady Pirates!

Being a busy working mom, we don't always get the chance to be somewhere on time. You know the feeling, right Moms? Well, yesterday, my good intentions were to go to the JV game and photograph the girls playing Monterey. My BFF's sister plays for Monterey and this would be the ONLY game I got to see ALL SEASON. CRAZY! Brittany and Summer are the same age and both play sports, so their schedules are the same. UGH...I hate that. So, when I saw the schedule and knew they were playing, HELLO! Bring camera!

However, and this is sort of off topic, but it's my blog, so who cares. I NEVER have cash to get into games. UGH.. and yesterday was no exception. So, I left early so I could go by the Wells Fargo Bank on Quaker and 50th and get cash at the ATM. HELLO! The ATM was out of cash. are a bank that's OPEN. How can you not fill it up ? Maybe I don't understand how those things work, but YOU ARE A BANK. Anyway, 20 minutes later, I walk in late and start shooting.

Which brings me to my post of the JV Lady Pirate Basketball Game. Great job ladies! They beat Monterey!!!!

And Brittany, I was THRILLED to photograph you and watch you play! For those curious, she's #44. She did GREAT!

Love does,


That's because love is never stationary. In the end, love doesn't just keep things about it or keep planning for it. Simply put: love does.