I can't believe the first Lady Pirate Basketball game is today!

The Lady Pirate Basketball Team opens their season with an away game against the Monterey Plainsmen today. I'm so excited!!! Summer Zoe is a junior and has improved tremendously since her first Rampage game "way back when". It's wonderful to watch, actually. And last night I had the chance to photograph the team for their promotional materials of the year. Yes. Cooper Varsity has "promo pieces". You know, danglers, posters, programs?

LOVE LOVE LOVE this team! I'll post more images later today, but had to share how great these girls did! Honestly, when we discussed where to photograph this year, we thought about making the run to Monahans Sands, but because of scheduling and timing opted to stay in Lubbock. I'm glad we did. Afterall, we are a Lubbock team. Go Lady Pirates!