Happy Birthday, Granny Helton!

I lived with my Granny and Papaw after the BIG D. The divorce. They were just what a wounded mommy and kids needed. My dad had an affair that ended an 11 year marriage. A marriage that probably never should have happened, except it gave the world, Kimberly and Kristin. No regrets here. It's all I know, my life. But I wonder sometimes, if they hadn't divorced, if I would love this Granny so?

I'm so thankful I had Granny Helton in my life.

She taught me:

  • how to kill a chicken
  • how to grow pick a garden
  • how to provide for a family and worry for that family
  • how to laugh until you pee your pants
  • how to love the Pittsburg Steelers Football games
  • and so much more

I love you Granny Helton! I wish I could hug you today.

Much love,

Krissy (that's what she always calls me)