the one where the Pirates beat Hereford at Football


Look at those faces! Future Pirates of America! How cute is this bunch?!? And the best part? After every touchdown, they would do sit ups and pushups. Huffing and puffing for our boys. Being a part of the action. They were by far the number 1 fans at the game last night! Not sure where Enloe picked this bunch up, but I'm sure glad he did!

Last night I dragged myself to the football game. It was the rain. The rain was bumming me out. I wasn't sure I wanted to stand outside in the cold rain. I didn't want my gear to get wet. I didn't want my feet to get wet. My hair isn't the best right now, so add rain to the mix and I was afraid "fluffy" would come out. I just didn't like the idea of "the rain".

But the thing is, every time I drag myself out to do something, I almost always enjoy it. And last night was no exception. Well, except for the bad news that some of my friends are pulling their kids out of Cooper and moving to Idalou. UGH...I mean, I understand the reasons, they have family there and the kids can go to school with their cousins. HELLO! My dream for my kids all along. But it still hurts to lose another great family at what I feel is a GREAT community! I'll deal with it and get over it, I'm sure. But I almost left at 1/2 time after I heard the news.

But I didn't. I stayed and after a quarter of being depressed about the news, I pulled myself out of my funk and shot the game. And great game, boys!!!

The Pirates played some awesome football! And Hereford had some big boys! Despite the wafting smells of body oder on the sidelines, which I will never get used to, and last night was paticularly narly thanks to the dampness, the sidelines were a great place to photograph the game. And almost all the pictures in this gallery are from my 200 2.8, which I dusted off and used last night. GOSH! It's so much sharper than my 70-200! I don't know why I don't use it more often.

Here's a sneak peek of last night's win! ENJOY! You can view more images from the game on the PIRATE GALLERY. Just use the passcode pirates2013.

Love does,