the one where Kalyn Marie goes to college!

I haven't talked about it much, but two weeks ago I moved Kalyn Marie to college in the big town of AUSTIN! I've always tried to be transparent on thie blog, sometimes to a fault, so I have to share this BIG part of our lives. It wasn't easy on this momma, let me tell you!

We've talked about her process of choosing a college here. Remember, when Yale and Notre Dame were on her list? HELLO! No way in hell, now that I've moved her to Austin. Oh, my gosh! I can't image leaving her that far away and dealing with it. Austin is far enough!!!

I honestly didn't realize what all the fuss was about at first. I mean, everyone gets so emotional when their baby's leave home. But that wasn't me. I barely cried during graduation. And then the last few weeks of the summer when people came by to say goodbye, again, no tears. Sure it was sad to see all the friend's we've come to know and love leave, but it didn't faze me much either. I mean, college is FUN folks! F U N! So, what's there to cry about?

Fast FW to my goodbye to Kalyn curbside outside of Dobie Center (her dorm), and I was a complete wreck. OHMMMMMGEEEE! I bawled like a baby. It hurt. It hurt bad. I know we were doing the right thing, but I was too far to give her hugs at night and coming home wasn't going to happen just every day. I just didn't like that feeling.

But each day it got a bit better. We would get into our routines, we would text, call on the phone and little by little, I knew she (and me) were going to be OK.) It also helped knowing she went to mass on her own and also made it through RUSH.

HELLO! Did I just type that? Kalyn rushed at UT, one of the MOST competitive rush programs in the state and made it out alive! Our little shy girl who could barley speak up and talk to customers at the video store in 4th grade. She made it through and found a house she loved! And took the pledge to be a member of Alpha Delta Pi. WOW! I was impressed!

Another cool thing about the process was the roommate matching that Dobie did to pair her with some kick butt girls. It's almost like a dating service, but they paired Kalyn with THE PERFECT roommate. We got to meet her the day we moved Kalyn in. She's adorable! And after one week together, fast friends.

Kalyn's home this weekend for her birthday. She turns 19 today and we are glad to have her home for just a bit before the BIG stretch of fall. I'll see her some off and on during the year while I work in Austin, but she won't be home again until Thanksgiving break. Gosh, we will miss her!!!!!




Above: First day checking out the view from her room. We went shopping at Ikea and instead of matching her roommates bedding completely, we bought things that would blend with it, yet be completely different. Bright and colorful and the kick ass lamp we bought at Ikea totally helped! It can be moved to different areas of the room to help with lighting and brighten up the room.

Mirror space in dormmrooms is always a challenge. Kalyn's room has an AWESOME walk in closet, and we hung a full length mirror there that she got as a grad gift. Thank you, Boo! But for makeup? Hair? We hung one up above her dresser and I added this cute lamp for makeup use. She also has a lighted mirror on her desk to use as well.

The bid process works! I didn't realize just how competitive it was at UT until I did a little research. I was worried we'd get a phone call, Kalyn in tears and just terribly upset. Many girls didn't make the cuts, but Kalyn kept an open mind and really gave each house a chance and ended up in just the perfect place for her. She came home and shared the process with us and it's such a great thing, having a "home away from home" and sisters and friends to make you feel welcome and loved. She's having a blast!

Once home though, the books were hit to stay ahead of her game. It's great having her home, but she flies back out tomorrow early before class. Get this, her first class is at 11 AM each day and she has NO CLASS ON FRIDAY. HELLO! Doesn't seem fair really. But I'm sure it's just right for her.

Advice for moms going through the process this next year? Hug them more and start saving money BIG TIME. What you have saved is never enough. College is expensive! But the lessons in life she is learning are so worth it.