the one where cori and michael get married

You know I love Friends. So, the title is fitting because the Friends TV seiries named each episode that way. I'm going to try it. Sometimes I struggle with titles when blogging. So much pressure is put on search engine optimization and tags, coding, etc. I stress! So instead of stressing, I thought let's try something easy. So, here's the "one where Cori + Michael get married".

I met Cori and her clan at the salon where everyone was getting up-do's. Right away, in the first 5 minutes I noticed these girls were fun. Fun stories, fun moments, and not afraid to take naps. Yep. You heard me right, NAPS.

The bride took a 10 minute power nap on a vacant couch. My kinda fun. LOL And that shot above of Cori's mom? This is her high school cheer she did at football games. Performing for the bridesmaids. I think she really thinks she's the NUMBER 1 MOB, and I kind of agree. I think she graduated from Coronado?

Most of these girls met dancing. The dance together and they teach dance together. And a few are simply good friends. Regardless of how their lives intertwine, these girls love each other, so lots of stories, snuggles and pictures to remember the day!

Pretty ring! There's a story to tell about how Cori's ring was almost not there at the wedding. It was dropped off at the jeweler for a clean up, spruce up make me shiny sort of thing and when she went to pick it up, it was the WRONG size. Oh, that was a fun stress to add to wedding week! LOL

Funny sculpture that begged to swallow Cori's ring.And funny bridesmaids that make funny faces that beg to be photographed. Cori opted for a gorgeous hair piece against her dark hair. LOVE!

And the flowers were gorgeous as well! Purple seems to be in fashion lately as many brides are choosing it for their color. Funny moment hiding from the groom! Cori is so animated!

Michael's flowers.Cori had her mom with her for the 'getting ready" part. It loved watching the two of them. C U T EMichael, is the ha-ha in Cori's happy! They are so adorable together!See? HA!Always laughing around this bunch!Beautiful maids!Cori's sister was her maid of honor. She took her job very seriously and did it very well! See? Animated!All the Fuller girls apparently are animated.

Love the green stems of the flowers against the purple dresses!See, these girls know the benefits of a power nap! ASo much laughter!And I know I posted this before, but this pretty little girl is just too cute not to share again! She's the niece of the groom and oh, so squeeze worthy!Beautiful stained glass behind the altar.Peeking out at all the guests arriving.

Let's remember why we are here ladies! Cori chose close friends and family that have her BEST in mind with God. LOVE that they prayed over Cori!!!

Cori and Michael had a bench in place of a guest book. They laid out sharpie markers and after the guests signed their good wishes, they will have a top coat painted on to preserve the signatures. Great idea! One guest left this message in the cup holder. CUTE!Michael escorted his momma down the aisle. A quick hug before getting married!And there she is!!!!Cori smiled the entire way down the aisle to Michael!Slide that ring on!

MARRIED!!!!I love this moment between them immediately afterwards! How cool is this cake? Just how cool?!?!? It's elegant quirky all rolled into ONE BIG BUNDLE OF YUM!

Okay, my favorite part of the day? The dances! First, Michael and Cori danced together, talking, laughing, snuggling and kisses.Then Cori and her dad shared some moments on the dance floor.And then Michael and his mom.They had a photo booth set up with props, so this girl took advantage of that for some fun photo moments! And they danced! And they fought for flowers. Check out the determination on their faces. These girls mean business.

I love this next series of the groom's sister, Alyson and her mom. LOVE.

Fabulous wedding!

To view more of their sneak peek, CLICK HERE. The passcode is the bride and groom's last name's picked together, lowercase.