the one with cori, a bride

Everytime I see this photo above I smile! It's the look on Cori's face that says it all! She's happy! She's always happy when I see her and I love that! I'm sure she has her moments like we all do, but you can tell by the sparkle in her eyes, by the way her lips are turned, by her body language, she's a happy person.

And she'll be even a more happy person when I post her wedding sneak peek, which is coming up next!! YEP. FINALLY done and ready to post. But then I realized I had to share a few images from her bridal session we photographed last month. Her entire family came and I LOVED it! Cori and the crew! I even managed to include them all in a group shot, being physical of course. Be sure and scroll down to find that little gem. They can spell 4 lettered words.

Love does,