Cori + Michael, a rehearsal in Lubbock

Tomorrow is the wedding of Cori + Michael here in Lubbock. I've photographed the engagement, and the bridal and now, THE FUN STUFF! This couple makes me smile completely to my toes. I'm not even kidding. And their families, now after spending time with them, do the same thing. Apples don't far from trees, you know. Here's a few from the rehearsal at the church tonight. I thought I'd share a few with you.

Their exit song for tomorrow is totally unexpected and totally THEM!

I'll share the details tomorrow just in case anyone is reading this that is planning on attending. FUN stuff, I tell you. FUN! And you may recognize this Cooper girl down below! HELLO, Emily!

Michael and his dad patiently waiting for the details from the church lady. Michael's brother is a minister and marrying them tomorrow. How cool is that?Lots of nerves and drama. Just expected at every wedding, but with Cori + Michael? It's such a mix of fun you don't even want to take the camera away for a second!

Pretty bridesmaids in pretty dresses.I hope they do this tomorrow.And this.This church is GORGEOUS! I drove around it afterwards and there's not a bad angle. I swear. Not one. Pretty red brick with white pillars and trim. PERFECT for a fabulous wedding!And babies! I can't forget the babies.

Check back Monday for more fabulous pictures!