what I've been up to

We are remodeling our video store and turning it into a (GASP) liquor store! Yep. After 21 years of being Take One Video, we will now be known as The Bull Stop. I'm not sure how long it will take me before I call it anything else except "the video store? How long you think? When thinking of names for the new business, we almost called it "The Liquor Store" because that is what everyone would call it anyway. You know, when they call, when the tell someone they are going there, etc. But instead, we chose a name close to us, easy to spell, and fun to center a theme around.

You see, Devin has the nickname Bull. He's had it for as long as I've known him. At first I thought it was cute, endearing, and charming. Now I know it's because of a personality trait that RUBS me wrong and gets under my skin like an angry splinter. The boy is pretty darn stubborn and once he gets his mind set to do something, by golly don't get in his way! He's gonna do it!

But I've learned through the years of being married to him that it can be a good thing as well.

Many times I wanted to give up completely on our Video Store and do something else. Sure, I loved movies, but the video store consumed so much of our time and energy. And slowly I started to resent it. Running a small business that you own takes time, sacrifice, energy, etc. And I was tired of being responsible for the video store, my photography business, AND my family. It's a lot to juggle. Sometimes, I would get called into work on a Monday after busting my ass all weekend at a wedding. And it was a constant struggle to find good quality employees that you could trust and wouldn't steal you blind.

We could never plan a trip without thinking of the video store. I was constantly handling employee and customer issues, scheduling hours and communicating to all involved. Just the hiring and training of employees was a huge burden when I myself was trying to juggle my brides and those demands. Don't get me wrong, I was very thankful we had the video store and very thankful I had my business, just not very thankful to be juggling it all for what seemed like FOREVER. I was ready for a break. Just one job please. UGH..ALL THE RESPONSIBILITIES. I wanted to grow my little photography business more and more and always felt tied down by the video store. I needed a change.

Well, after doing our taxes one year we realized our little video store just wasn't "cutting the mustard" and even though it was still earning an income, I could be flipping burgers part time and earning more than what we were bringing in. So we started thinking about something else to turn it into. After all, Slaton is a Bednarz's hometown. We couldn't just up and leave Slaton. We wanted to offer the town something that they didn't have handy and something that would earn us money. And I honestly still wanted to have access to all the cool movies. We decided to keep everything we currently had going and simply add beer, liquor and wine. After all, these items NEVER go out of style! No matter what the economy! Andwe brainstormed a floor plan that could possibly work and started searching for a contractor.

We hope to be finished and open in the next week or so.

I'm sure I'll blog.