University of Texas, here she comes!

Dobie Center at the University of Texas

We travel home today, but Kalyn and I have been in Austin all week at the University of Texas's Freshman Orientation. She's been in Jester and I've been at the Sheraton editing away. It's been quite a week! Lots of bumps, lots of fun, and lots of stress. But we are almost through it. Kalyn registers for classes later today with her advisor and I'm so excited for her!

She's met a fun group of Longhorns and called every night to let me in on the details. The late night walks in groups, the frat parties, (yes, she attended her first one BEFORE she was enrolled...) food in the dorms, and all the other exciting conversations you have with your mom while you are in college.

The shot above? That's the Dobie Center at UT. It's Kalyn's new home away from home starting next year. We will visit this later today after I check her out of her dorm. If you know Eric Barber, he's living her next year as well.

Any blog readers go to UT? I know several of my brides have and have messaged me this week to get all excited all over again. I love that!!! But I have tons of questions about life here in Austin and how this place treated you. Please feel free to message me on facebook or reply in the comments here. I'd love to hear from you!!!

It's a pretty cool place, Austin.

Love does,