Tyler + Simon, a rehearsal at Zingerman's

Good Morning blog world. I'm in Ann Arbor, Michigan staying across from the University of Michigan at (The Campus Inn)and had a wonderful time atZingerman's last night. I've never been here before but I know this family! Several years ago, Tyler's BIG brother Chase married Mya in Los Angeles and I was lucky enough to photograph it. Here we are 6 years later and Tyler is getting married!

It's early and yesterday was LONG, but I'm so dang excited to be shooting this weekend it's UNREAL. You see, when people get what you do, I mean really get it, not just because they need to hire a photographer, but understand why I love this craft and how important the sill image is to my soul, it's a perfect working experience.

I flew in EARLY and drove in to Ann Arbor and saw a million trees. Yep. We don't have this kind of scenery back home, Dorothy. And I was late! YES. Golly folks, this girl didn't know that Ann Arbor was in a different time zone. I was stuck in traffic when I "crossed the line" and ATT informed me I was one hour late! That was not a fun feeling. But it all worked out in the end and even though I haven't had the chance to see campus yet, I have had the chance to spend time with some awesome people and laugh until my belly hurt. That's the best part. The laughter.

Enjoy the sneak peek! All of these are from the rehearsal dinner I almost missed last night.


This place was super cool. Tight on space, but not on style. This wall proved a great place for kids to draw and color. You could see it when you entered the joint. And the weather here? Wonderful! They lighting was perfect and the temperature just right.See? Happy kids = cool wall art.

This is Tyler + Simon. HELLO! HOT Asian Guy with HOT Blonde! After dinner we watched a visual display to help all of us understand the couple's relationship and then we had DINNER THEATRE! So much fun and entertaining. We had team BRIDESMAIDS and team GROOMSMEN act in productions that told the love story of Tyler and Simon. It was billed as an "America's Got Talent" competition with guests voting by applause and giving their commentary. It had a lot to do with SWEAT and the word HOT a lot.I had competition in the area of photography last night. Watch out.These people had fun. Lots of laughter. Here we go. Commentary from the crowd as to what they were looking for talent wise.Oh, wait...FOOD. Yes. Remember this is dinner theatre. Total YUM.Oh, yes. Costumes were a must.This is Simon and his Dad. Who lives in China. Such a fun moment. Simon was helping translate just what they were witnessing. I'm not sure how difficult that was. I'm thinking VERY. LOLGroomsmen gifts. I think I'm getting a glimpse of the wedding colors. And I'm thinking I LOVE.This is a fun group. I only spent a little time with them last night, but I have a feeling my belly is going to be hurting from laughter all day today. I love groups that make me laugh. OH! I think I found the lighting I want to hang above my dining room table. OH, yes. It had a spiderman feel. Was on a dimmer and just plain kicked ass. I WANT!I always watch the kids at these events and how what they are witnessing will always be in their head forming their ideas and dreams of their day. Their future wedding. At least it is for the little girls. Wonder what this one is thinking?Hot ASIAN guy has great face when laughing. LOVE!

We then stepped outside after dinner to plan the "what next". Gave me time for photos. I didn't mind one bit.LOVE these faces! It's funny how the world turns and years can go by, but despite how long it takes to travel from Lubbock to Michigan, it's a small world, really, especially when you connect to other people. This is Simon's mom and step dad. Can't you see the resemblance? HELLO! Simon and his mom looks so much alike when the laugh! LOVE! Oh, cute shoes. How I love thee.Family is THE BEST! Most of the folks below came from the Carolinas. North? South? I don't remember. But fun? YES!

After dinner I had to go to campus and run a quick errand. Hotel supplies are always a must, right? I'm now sitting here the next morning and I can see the M from my room. Very cool.