Katie and Shain got married!

You won't meet a sweeter girl!

Katie married Shain yesterday in a heartfelt ceremony filled with tears and laughter! They were married in a Catholic Ceremony at Christ the King Cathedral in Lubbock. I first met Katie at Cooper playing softball. She made an instant impression on me. She was such a great girl who knew how to have fun and in a good way. Kalyn loved playing softball with her and I just enjoyed being around her. So, when I heard she was getting married, I was happy. Happy for her and even more happy to be a part of the day!

Thank you Katie + Shain. Here's a quick sneak peek with more photos on your wedding gallery!


Below is Katie's baby sister, Jessica. She was the flower girl and definitely up for the role. HELLO! balloon volleyball is the PERFECT thing to play while waiting around for pictures.Especially when bridesmaids are up for the game. :)Kaitie was nervous, but definitely having a great time. LOVE LOVE LOVE shoe shots! Dad popped in to say hello. I think he was definitely impressed. This is his first born. His daughter and she's going from his home to Shain's home for them. I think it was hitting them both and you'll see during the ceremony pictures during their walk down the aisle. Just keep scrolling, baby.

Grandmas are the greatest! And where does this go?Beautiful girls taking beautiful photos.I LOVE this family photo below. Kaitie and her mom look so much alike they could totally pass as sisters. We were pressed for time to get family photos done and despite the time crunch, I just love this one below. It's something I would cherish if I had one of my parents and me.And then the bro's step in! LOLKatie and Shain, you were meant for each other. Can't you see it?!?!And the guys wore purple. Looking pretty fly for some white guys. :)

We had a beautiful day! And some crazy guys!!!And that walk I was talking about? HELLO! I cried of course. You know me and men that cry. TOAST! Katie's dad was precious. Absolutely precious.Okay, so Katie and Shain had a quick reception filled with yummy cupcakes and some sort of punch that was AMAZING! Refreshing and AMAZING. I have no idea what was in it or how it was made, but it was the perfect drink at a reception. I'll see if I can find out and blog about it later. I think a definite highlight of the day was the "eating of the cake". Wow! Nothing like icing up the nose, no?

Congratulations you two and thank you for choosing me as your photographer!!! LOVED being a part of your day!