I haven't blogged much lately. I've been hosting my family for the past 4 days. And it's been awesome! I'll share those photos soon, but in the mean time, I have to brag on my Kalyn Marie.

She graduated high school this past weekend. And I'm super proud. She graduated with honors, and as Cooper's Class of 2012 Salutatorian. WOW! Grace was the Valedictorian. I'm sure the "powers that be" crunched those numbers over and over because the two girls were so close GPA wise, they honestly could have tied.


So, this meant, SPEECH. Golly, I was nervous for her. But Kalyn did AWESOME and even had the house laughing a time or two. If you'd like to watch/listen to her GRAD SPEECH, CLICK HERE. I also have her "walk across stage" and the hat tossing of the grads there. That was pretty darn cool.

So many emotions were going through me at the moment. It was pretty exciting seeing my family all together and excited as well. I even reserved some seats, when I clearly wasn't supposed to. Ok. It wasn't that clear because Kalyn forgot to tell me, but exciting all the same. And Devin, Summer and I got to sit down front with IdaLee and walk on stage when they called her name for a photo. HELLO! If I had known that ahead of time I might have worn something dressier. But who cares? I was just so happy for Kalyn.

This is the end of 12 years of a perfectionist competing against herself and doing her best in every situation. Super proud! And I'm hoping and praying she gets some relaxing time before college comes a calling. The girl deserves a break!

Brooke was there to celebrate Kalyn with us! They recently lost their grandmother and were attending her funeral the next day. But today? We loved having them there!

John Michael Getz and Hannah Cleveland escorted the grads onto the stage as our awesome Cooper Band played Pomp and Circumstance. (over and over again...)

Brooke, Kalyn, Jack and Summer

The lady on the left? IdaLee, Kalyn's great grandma. HELLO! 97 years old and came to her graduation. She was so proud! And I'm just so thankful she felt well enough to come. I think she really enjoyed herself.

My mom and dad. Missing were my stepdad, Donnie and my stepmom, Sheila. I'm just so thankful they made the effort to be there. It's not easy, traveling 1/2 way across our country to come to West Texas in the hot dry heat. Thank you!!! I know you wouldn't miss it, but I love seeing you and visiting with you and it makes me feel very warm and special inside. This is the first family picture we've had since I think I was in diapers. No?

My dad, Kim, Me and Mom. Thank you Toni, for coming and photographing us.

It seems like the "photo bomb" shows up at every special event.

And brings out the BEST in folks. Don't you think?

Mr. Enloe? We love you.

And of course, you graduate? The heels come off.

Congratulations, Miss Marie! We love you!!!